Understanding inequalities - majority and minority groups and disability

1. Eugenics is?

  • The idea of improving the genetic makeup of the human species- through often controversial methods
  • A form of discrimination against those with a disability
  • A car manufacturing company
  • A specific type of disability
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2. The perspective that disability is not just a medical issue but a political issue and human rights issue, and that the issue is disabling barriers is argued by which movement?

  • The people with impairment movement
  • The Disability Movement
  • The Union of Physically impaired movement
  • The Human rights movement

3. Paul Hunt 1966 writes an essay called…. Which becomes the basis of the social model?

  • The Disabling environment
  • Disability and discrimination
  • A critical condition
  • Disability and institutionalisation

4. Who states that a child is disabled if ‘he is blind, deaf or dumb, or suffers from a mental disorder of any kind, or is substantially or permanently handicapped by illness injury or congenital deformity, or any such disability as may be described

  • The Equality Act 2010
  • SENDA 2001
  • Children’s Act 1989
  • Union of Physically impaired against segregation

5. Who cited the following quote ‘it is the white, heterosexual, male majority with access to forms of power (particularly political power) in our community who have established and who continue to define what is considered culturally typical or norm

  • Clements and Spinks
  • Scriven
  • Thompson
  • Ross


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