Understanding inequalities - majority and minority groups and disability

1. What do Beckett and Taylor 2010 discuss can hold people with disabilities back?

  • Being treated as if they were infants
  • Isolation
  • Discrimination and marginalisation
  • Prejudice
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2. The following quote from Clements and Spinks (2009:121) ‘we would go as far as to say it is the way that the able bodied majority arranges the built environment which disables people’ refers to what?

  • The disabling environment
  • Injustice
  • Prejudice
  • Discrimination

3. Which model of disability proposes that disability is something to be avoided at all costs?

  • Individual model
  • Social model
  • Psychological model
  • Disability model

4. In 2012 who was initially refused to board a public train on the Isle of Wight due to his metal wheelchair?

  • Geoff Holt
  • Jeremy Grady
  • Benjamin Braxton
  • Bill Arthurs

5. Who is Susan Archibald?

  • Disability advocate
  • A psychologist who has investigated the impact of disability on psychiatry in several high profile studies in the 1990s
  • A disability rights campaigner who lost her leg and sub sequentially her job taking her employer to court
  • A disability rights campaigner with a genetic disability


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