Types of guidance

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1. Manual guidance involves

  • communicating information about the skill to the learner via manual devices
  • the teacher or coach holding and physically manipulating the body of the performer through the correct pattern of movement
  • using machines to support the learner
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2. Visual guidance is used in

  • all stages of learning
  • associative phase
  • cognitive phase

3. Mechanical / manual guidance can be used to reduce

  • fear in the learning of skills with an element of danger
  • danger in risky skills
  • perceptual load and decision making

4. What are the four types of guidance?

  • intrinsic, extrinsic, terminal, concurrent
  • Visual, verbal, manual, mechanical
  • positive, negative, internal, external

5. Mechanical guidance doesn't

  • give the learner the opportunity to experience and correct mistakes
  • allow the learner to develop a kinaesthesis
  • give learners any confidence


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