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2. Manual guidance involves

  • communicating information about the skill to the learner via manual devices
  • the teacher or coach holding and physically manipulating the body of the performer through the correct pattern of movement
  • using machines to support the learner

3. Drawbacks to visual guidance include

  • it can be used to reduce information overload
  • demonstrations must be accurate, some complex skill demonstrations may be too complicated for the learner to take in, static visual aids may not keep learner's attention
  • it can be very dull, learners may lose concentration, it is very complicated

4. A teacher tells a learner to focus on hand position in the chest pass in basketball. This is an example of

  • manual guidance
  • mechanical guidance
  • verbal guidance
  • visual guidance

5. Drawbacks to verbal guidance are

  • teachers have to be able to get info across to learner, learner has to be able to relate info to skill, info has to be limited, some skills are hard to describe
  • the demonstrations must be accurate, there could be too much information


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