Tourism Glossary

domestic tourism
tourism within your own country
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international tourism
tourism to another country
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a person who travels to a place that is not their usual place, and stays there for at least one night
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foreign exchange
money earned from other countries
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positive multiplier effect
an advantageous cycle upwards
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direct jobs
people who get jobs directly from tourism
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indirect tourism
people who get jobs from the people who get jobs directly from tourism
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(gross domestic product) the total wealth of a country
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GDP per capita
the total value of goods and services produced by a country, per year, per person in the country
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(human development index) an index based on three variables- life expectancy, level of education, income adjusted for purchasin power
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create more diversity in the economy, bring different industries so its more reliable
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butler's model
a model to show a life cycle of a tourist resort
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a secondary growth spurt brought about by a new ipetus.
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carrying capacity
the amount of people an area can support
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honeypot site
a location attracting a large number of tourists who, due to their numbers, place pressure on an environment
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ensuring that the provision of water is long term and that supplies can be maintained without harming the environment
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this relates to costs and finances at a variety of levels, from individuals to government
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this category refers to peoples health , their lifestyle, community ect
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this is the impact on our surroundings, including the land ,water and air as well as features of the built up areas
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extreme environments
locations with particularly difficult enviroments where the development of tourism has only recently occured due to niche market demand for somewhere different with physical challenges
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stake holders
someone who has an interest in something
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mass tourism
large numbers of tourists coming to one destination
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when an industry only functions during one part of the year
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money that is lost from the country it is spent in, back to countries which own TNC's
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careful management of an area on a large scale, all types of development and resource exploitation are planned sustainably
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is stewardship on a smaller and more manageable scale.
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responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people
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a number of species in a place
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where some animal species only live
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adventure tourism
trips which are physical and have high adrenaline activities
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undeveloped outside
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the 'international association of antartic tour operators'
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tourism to another country


international tourism

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a person who travels to a place that is not their usual place, and stays there for at least one night


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money earned from other countries


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an advantageous cycle upwards


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