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Keyword Definition
Tourism Any activity that requires travel from
home for at least one night. It can be for
a holiday, business or even to visit family
and friends.
Direct A job within tourism (e.g. a waiter).
Indirect A job that services tourism (e.g. a farmer
who supplies food to a restaurant).
The Multiplier Effect The snowballing of economic activity.
Butler Transition Model (BTM) Model which shows how a tourist resort
may grow.
Exploration A small number of visits a tourist area.
The area is unspoilt and few tourist
facilities exist.
Involvement Local people start providing facilities for
the tourists. It starts to become a
recognised tourist season.
Development The host country starts to develop and
advertise the area. It becomes a
recognised tourist destination.
Consolidation The area continues to attract tourists.
The growth in tourist numbers may not be
as fast before. Some tensions develop
between the tourists and the host.
Stagnation Facilities for tourists may decline as they
become old and run down. Then number of
tourists may decline, too.
Rejuvenation Investment and modernisation may occur
which leads to improvements and tourists
number may increase again.
Decline If the resort is not rejuvenated then it
will go into decline. People lose their jobs
related to tourism; the image of tourism
Mass Tourism Tourism on a large scale to one country or
Extreme Tourism Involves tourism to dangerous landscapes
to which access is limited.
Tourism Glossary


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