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Growing plants in air or mist without the use of soil
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The variety of life in the world or a particular ecosystem
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Birth rate
the number of births a year per 1000 of the population
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Brownfield site
Land that has been used, abandoned and now awaits reuse;often found in urban areas
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Carbon footprint
Measurement of greenhouse gases individuals produce, through burning fossil fuels
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Organism that eats herbivores and/or plant matter
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Death rate
the number of deaths per year per 1000 of the population
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Debt relief
Cancellation of debts to a country by an organisation such as the world bank
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the cutting down and removal of forest
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Occurs when material is being carried by a body of water and is dropped due to the water losing its energy
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The process by which land becomes drier and degraded, as a result of climate change or human activities or both
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The progress of a country in term s of economic growth, the use of technology and human welfare
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Development gap
The difference in standards of living and wellbeing between HICs and LICs
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Economic impact
Effect of an event on the wealth of an area or community
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Economic opportunities
Chances for people to improve their standard of living through employment
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A community of plants and animals that interact with each other and their physical environment
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Nature tourism involving small groups with minimal impact on the environent
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Energy conservation
Reducing energy consumption by using less energy and existing resources more effectively
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Energy mix
Range of energy sources of a region or country, both renewable and non-renewable
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Energy security
Uninterrupted avaliability of energy sources at an affordable price
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Environmental impact
Effect of an event on the landscape and ecology of the surrounding area
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Wearing away and removal of material by a moving force e.g. a breaking wave
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Tidal mouth of a river where it meets the sea- wide banks of deposited mud are exposed at low tide
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Extreme weather
When a weather event is significantly different fro m the average or usual weather pattern, and is severe or unseasonal
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Widespread, serious often fatal shortage of food
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Food chain
Connections between different organisms that rely upon each other for food
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Food insecurity
Being without a reliable to enough affordable, nutritious food
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Food miles
The distance covered supplying food to consumers
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Food security
Access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy active life
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Formal economy
The type of employment where people work to receive a regular wage, pay tax, and have certain rights e.g. paid holidays, sickness leave
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Food web
A complex hierarchy of plants and animals relying upon each other for food
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Fossil fuel
A natural fuel ; coal, oil, gas,
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Geothermal energy-renewable
Energy generated by heat stored deep in the Earth
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Process creating a more connected world, with increases in the global exchange of goods (trade) and people (migration and tourism)
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Greenfield site
A plot of land, often in a rural or on the edge of an urban area that has not been built on before
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Growing plants in water using nutrient solutions, without soil
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Differences between poverty and wealth as wellbeing and access to jobs, housing, education etc.
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Informal economy
Employment outside the official knowledge of the government
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Integrated transport system
Different forms of transport are linked together to make it easy to transfer from one to another
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Intermediate technology
Simple, easily learned and maintained technology used in LICs for a range of economic activities
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Literacy rate
The percentage of a population who have basic reading and writing skills
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Long-term responses
Later reactions that occur in the weeks, months and years after the event
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An urban area with a population of more than 10 million people
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North-South divide (UK)
Economic and cultural differences between southern England and northern England
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Organic produce
Food produced without the use of chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides
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Renewable energy resources
A resource that cannot be exhausted e.g. wind, solar, tidal
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Science park
A collection of scientific and technical knowledge-based businesses located on a single site
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Selective logging
Sustainable forestry management where only carefully selected trees are cut down
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Loose surface material becomes saturated and the extra weight causes the material to become unstable and move rapidly downhill
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Rapid mass movement where a whole segment of a cliff moves down-slope
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Social impact
The effect of an event on the lives of people or community
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Squatter settelment
An area of (often illegal) poor quality housing, lacking in basic services like water supply, sewage and electricity
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Actions that meet the needs of the present without reducing the needs of the future generation meeting their needs
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Sustainable energy supply
Energy that can potentially be used well into the future without harming future generations
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Tectonic hazard
Natural hazard caused by the movement of tectonic plates e.g. volcanoes and earthquakes
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Transnational corporation (TNC)
A company that has operations (factories, offices, research and development, shops) in more than one country
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The variety of life in the world or a particular ecosystem



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the number of births a year per 1000 of the population


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Land that has been used, abandoned and now awaits reuse;often found in urban areas


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Measurement of greenhouse gases individuals produce, through burning fossil fuels


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