Population Glossary

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  • Population Glossary
    • Exponential Growth
      • The growth rate constantly increases - Normally Shown as a J Curve graph
    • S-Curve Graph
      • A graph that shows a rapid increase of something over a time period, But then flattens off (the increase slows down or stops)
    • J-Curve Graph
      • A graph that shows exponential growth over a time period and does not show any sign of slowing down.
    • Natural Increase
      • The birth rate exceeds the death rate
    • Birth Rate
      • Number of babies born out of 1000 people. This is measured over a year.
    • Death Rate
      • Number of people who died out of 1000. This is measured over a year.
    • Net Migration
      • The difference of immigrants and emigrants of an area over a specific time period. This is measured via 1000 people.
    • Infant Mortality
      • The number of babies that die under the age of 12 months per 1000 babies born
    • Fertility Rate
      • The ratio of live births in an area to the total population of the area; expressed per 1000 population per year
    • Life Expectancy
      • The number of years someone is expected to live from birth.


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