Tonality & Key of All set Works

1. The tonality of Davis is...?

  • G minor with flattened 7ths
  • G major with flattened 7ths
  • A major with flattened 7ths
  • D major with flattened 7ths
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2. The tonality of Capercaille is...?

  • Pentatonic Scale. G major and diatonic
  • Pentatonic Scale. G minor and diatonic
  • Pentatonic Scale. C major and diatonic
  • Pentatonic Scale. Bb major and diatonic

3. The tonality of Handel is ...?

  • B flat Minor
  • A major
  • F major
  • C major

4. The tonality of Moby is...?

  • B-Am Em G D C-C Major (CAmCAm& FCFC)
  • A major
  • B-Am Em G D C-D Major
  • B-Em Em D D C-A Minor (CAmCAm& FCFC)

5. The tonality of Rag Desh is ...?

  • CDFGBCBbAGFEDC Rag/scale
  • CD#BGBCBAG#FED#C Rag/scale
  • BCBbAGFEDC Rag/scale
  • BBFBBCBbAGFEDB Rag/scale


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