Brandenburg Concerto no 5

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  • Set Work: Bradenburg Concerto no 5
    • Structure
      • Ternary Form (ABA)
        • A: Fugato in D major.
        • B: Ritornello Structure in B minor
        • Final A section: Bach did not write out instead wrote "Da Capo" meaning from the top.
    • Tonality
      • Key: D major
      • First section contains modulations to the dominant (A major)
      • Middle section: B minor with modulations to its dominant (F# minor)
    • Melody
      • Entire movement is based on triadic and scalic ideas
      • Section B uses first 4 noes of Section A but transposed
      • The melodic writing includes use of sequence, the trill and appoggiatura
    • Rhythm
      • Tempo is allegro
      • Written in simple duple metre
      • Triple quavers make it sound like compound duple metre
      • In the style of a gigue
      • Triplets and dotted rhythms dominate
    • Texture
      • The movement is contrapuntal throughout
      • The violone plays in the tutti sections
      • Section A could be described as a fugato
      • Bach uses changes to produce contrast
      • Canon is used
    • Dynamics
      • Few dynamics used (Baroque feature)
      • Terraced dynamics used
    • Harmony
      • Diatonic chords
        • Triads in root position
        • Dominant 7ths in root position
      • Suspension
      • Tonic and dominant pedals underline changes in key
      • Each section ends with a perfect cadence


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