Handel: And The Glory Of The Lord

Key Information

Context:Choral work. From "Messiah" (three sections). Oratorio

Composed in 1741

Style: Boroque

Key features of boroque music:

.Ornamented melodic parts

.Diatonic chords

.Different textures

.Terraced dynamis (contrasting dynamis on two levels-loud/soft)

Key: A major

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Structure, Tempo and Instrumentation

Structure: No formal structure 

.The introduction is a Ritornello which means it repeats itself throughout the piece

Tempo:Allegro (fast) until the ending where it is Adagio (slow). Change in temp creates a grand ending.

Instrumentation: Boroque Orchestra

.1st and 2nd violin

.Choir:soprano and alto, tenor and bass

.Basso continuo:Double bass, chello and chamber organ

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Rhythm, Harmony & Tonality and Texture


.Word painting- "For the mouth of the lord hath spoken it" is a bold statement and is supported by the rhythm.

.Hemiola used towards cadence points 

Harmony &Tonality:

. The piece is in A major

.Modulation to Emajor and Bmajor

.Harmony is completely diatonic 


.Polyphonic and homophonic 

. Ending is homophonic 

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Dynamics, Mood and word setting


.Terraced Dynamics

.The ending is loud


.The mood is joyful 

. The mood is reinforced by The major tonality, the sprighlty tempo

Word Setting:

.There is a mixture of syllabic and melismatic word setting

. The different phrases are repeated many times 

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