The use and abuse of drugs

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What is the definition of a drug?
A substance that changes chemical reactions in the hody
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What are medical drugs?
Drugs that relieve illness and disease.
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What are recreational drugs?
They are taken by people becuase they like he effects it has on the body and can be addictive like alcohol and tobacco,
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What is the first stage of developing a new drug?
Drugs are tested using computer models and human cells are grown in laboratorys and they fail if they damage cells,
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What is the second stage of developing a new drug? what is it illegal to do>
Drugs that pass the first stage are tested on animals. A known amount of a substance is given to the animal which is monitered for side effects but it is illegal to test cosmetics and tobacco products on animals.
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What is the third and final stage of developing a new drug?
Drugs that pass animal test are then used in clinical trials. They are tested on healthy volunteers to check they are safe. VEry low doese of the drug is given first and if there are no problems, further clinical trials are done to find the optimum,
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What are the disadvantages of clinical trial?
Unethical on the animals-no choice, -Expensive, -Slow process, -Side effects may occur-even death
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What is the placebo effect?
When a person thinks they feel better because they expect to feel better if they take the medicine rather than acutally experiencing the positive effects,
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What is used to decrease the placebo effect and explain?
Double blind trial-Some patients are given the drug while others are given the placebo-This is designed to appear exactly the same as the drug itself but doesnt actually contain the drug- The patients and doctors dont know which has the real drug,
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What was thalidomide developed as before but what was it also useful for but what was the problem with this?
As a sleeping pill but is was also useful for easing morning sickness in pregant women but it hadnt been tested,
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What did thalidomide do to babies?
It was found to damage the development of unborn babies-The arms and legs of babies were short
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What was the results of this disaster?
Thalidomide was banned adn durg testing was made more rigorous than before,
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What is thalidomide used for today?
USed to treat leprosy and bone cancer
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What is alcohol described as othr than a legal recreational drug and what does it mean?
A depressant which means it slows signals to the nerves and the brain
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What can large amounts of alcohol consumtion lead to?
A lack of self control and they may become ill-Unconscious and may fall into a coma,
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What are the long-term effects of alchol? (3)
Damage to the liver and brain and its is often a cause of weight gain,
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Who shouldnt drink alchol?
WOmen who are pregnant
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Nicotine- describe how addictive it is?
VEry addictive- It creates a dependency so that smokers become addicted
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What does smoking increase the risk of in health of the body?
-Heart disease and strokes, lung cnacer, mouth cancer, throat cancer,
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What does smoking increase the risk of an unborn child?
Miscarriage, premature birth and low birth weight,
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Give two examples of illegal recreational drugs and the health problems?
Ecstasy, Heroin Cocaine-Damage the heart and circulatory systme, Cannabis-Contains chemicals that can lead to mental illness,
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How can recreational drugs damafe out health indirectly?
It take away money for food and clothes and may place users in dangerous situations,- Uers may turn to crime to pay
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WHat is the problem with sharing a needles and syringe with someone?
May lead to diseases from infected blood like HIV and hepatitis,
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What are to examples of performance enhancing drugs and what do they improve?
Stimulants-Boost heart rate and other body functions, Anabolic steroids-These stimulate the growth of muscles
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What is the problem with performance enhacning drugs?
They can damage the athlete's body and are seen as unfair as they can improve the athletes performance,
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What are recreational drugs?


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What is the first stage of developing a new drug?


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