-A drug is a subastance that alters the way your body works

-It can affect your mind, your body, or both 

-Some drugs are used in medicine, others are used for pleasure 

-Many come from natural substances, often plants

-Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are examples of legal drugs

-Cocaine,ecstasy an herion are examples of illegal drugs 

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What is addiction?

-Some drugs change the chemical processes is your body so that you become addicted

-If you are addicted, you become dependent on them and you can't manage properly without them

-Once addicted, you need more and more of the drug to feel normal 

-When adicts try to stop using drugs they usually feel unwell

-They often have aches and pains, sweats, shaking, headaches, and cravings

-These are called withdrawal symptoms 

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The problems of drug abuse

-Most recreational drugs are addictive 

-Cannabis is often thought of as a relatively 'soft' and therefore safe drug 

-Hard drugs such as cocaine and herion are extremely addictive 

-Using them often leads to severe health problems 

-Becuase they're illegal they are expensive

-People turn to crime to pay for their habits 

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