Drug Abuse

Abusing Drugs


Drugs are chemicals which alter the body's chemistry. 

Drugs can be addictive.

Both legal and illegal drugs can harm your body.

Chemicals found in cannabis can cause mental health problems.

Heroin and cocaine are highly addictive.  These are known as hard drugs and can be very dangerous and lead to serious health problems.

Legal drugs include alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.

Legal and Illegal Drugs

Many recreational drugs affect the brain and nervous system.

A recreational drug are used for pleasure.

There are many health problems associated with recreational drugs.

The overall impact of legal drugs on health is much greater than illegal drugs because more people use them.

Some people such as sports players use drugs that are for medical purposes originally illegally, e.g a stimulant.


Alcohol effects your nervous system by slowing down your reactions.

Alcohol can lead to loss of self control, unconsciousness, coma and death if used excessivley.

Alcohol can cause damage to your brain and liver.  Alcohol is poisonous but your liver can break it down and get rid of it before it causes permanent damage but if you drink too much the liver cannot


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