The Montgomery Bus Boycott

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1. Why was Rosa Parks arrested?

  • For hitting a white man on a bus.
  • For refusing to give up her seat on a bus for a white man.
  • For refusing to pay her bus fair.
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2. On which date did the Supreme Court rule segregation on buses as unconstitutional?

  • 16th June 1956
  • 14th May 1957
  • 19th December 1956
  • 18th November 1955

3. How did the MIA make the Montgomery Bus Boycott manageable for people?

  • They liaised with employers to allow black people to be slightly late because they now had to walk.
  • They increased the number of taxis in Montgomery.
  • They organised lifts and asked black taxi firms to charge less during the boycott.
  • They formed walking buses for protection.

4. What were the consequences for the Montgomery bus company?

  • They lost lots of money and got bad publicity.
  • Their service was terminated due to bankruptcy.
  • The bus drivers were all sent to prison.

5. How long did the boycott last?

  • 381 days
  • 200 days
  • 365 days
  • 50 days


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