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2. On what date did protesters set up the MIA to improve integration, starting with buses?

  • 12th June 1955
  • 5th December 1955
  • 7th November 1954
  • 24th December 1956

3. Where was Rosa Parks arrested?

  • Montgomery, South Carolina
  • Montgomery, Alabama
  • Montgomery, Texas
  • Montgomery, Mississippi

4. The Montgomery Bus Boycott established ... as the leader of the Civil Rights Movement because their energy and enthusiasm were major factors in the success of the campaign.

  • Martin Luther King
  • Malcolm X
  • Rosa Parks
  • Alfred King

5. How did the MIA make the Montgomery Bus Boycott manageable for people?

  • They increased the number of taxis in Montgomery.
  • They formed walking buses for protection.
  • They organised lifts and asked black taxi firms to charge less during the boycott.
  • They liaised with employers to allow black people to be slightly late because they now had to walk.


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