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    • Montgomery authorities had an error of judgment
    • people used cars but police began to harasse people and arrest the drivers
    • Boycotters faced intimidation
    • extreme violence towards boycotters even fire bombed MLK house
    • 90 leaders of MIA arrested for illegal boycott and were found guilty but not charged
    • END. Federal court accepted segregation was unconstitutional but Montgomery city officials appealed and case went o supreme court
    • BEGINNING. segregation on public transport was a problem
    • Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat for a white man
    • 5th December- Montgomery Woman's Political council had a one day boycott of buses
    • Ralph Abernathy and Martin Luther King Jr got involved- planned rallies
    • Montgomery Important Association was established to maintain boycott, oversee continuation and improve race relations
    • 20,000 people were involved in boycott
    • 7,000 attended the planned rally and herd M.L.K speech
    • Rosa Parks was fined $10
    • MIA carried out boycotts until demands were met(complete de-segregation on buses)


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