Montgomery Bus Boycott


Montgomery Bus Boycott- Causes and Events

  • Black people in Montgomery, Alabama were only allowed to sit in the back seats of the bus and they had to give up their seat if white people wanted them.
  • Rosa Parks was an Activist for the NAACP .
  • She decided to make a stand against Montgomery's racially segregated bus service.
  • The NAACP backed her on this.
  • She refused to give her seat up to a white man.
  • She was promptly arrested and convicted of breaking the bus laws.
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Montgomery Bus Boycott- Consequences

  • The Civil rights movement helped the black people of Montgomery to form the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA).
  • They decided to boycott the buses and the community organised a car pool.
  • It became illegal and the NAACP took a lot of damage.
  • The KKK shot racially integrated buses as segregation was banned on public transport.
  • The churches, houses and black people were continually targeted.
  •  King was arrested and his house was fire-bombed.
  • For thirteen months the 17,000 black people in Montgomery walked to work or obtained lifts from the small car-owning black population of the city.
  •  Eventually, the loss of revenue and a decision by the Supreme Court on 13th November, 1956, forced the Montgomery Bus Company to accept integration. The following month the buses in Montgomery were desegregated.
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