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What is the main assumption of the cognitive model?
That abnormality in behaviour comes from faulty perceptive and thinking processes
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What is cognitive content?
Material thats being processed
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What is the cognitive process?
How we process information. Everyone process' differently
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What are cognitive products?
Conclusions that people reach
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What did Ellis find?
Everyones thoughts are sometimes rational and sometimes irrational, faulty thinking develops maladaptive behaviours which creates psychological problems and people who think irrationally reveal it by saying 'ought', 'should' and 'must'
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What did Beck find?
Depressed people draw illogical conclusions about themselves and he found the Cognitive Triad
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What are the parts of the cognitive triad?
Negative view of self, negative view of world, negative view of future
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What are the strenghts of the cognitive model?
Offers useful approach for disorders like depression and anxiety, successful at treating depression and eating disorders, people with mental disorders exhibit thought patterns associated with maladaptive thinking
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What are the weaknesses of the cognitive model?
Faulty cognitions might be the consequence of chemical imbalances, can take a long time to work and are costly, doesnt try to examine origins of disorder,
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What are the ways of treating faulty cognitions?
By changing the faulty thought, rational emotive therapy.
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How does changing the faulty thought work?
The therapist identifys faulty cognition, works out whether it is true and sets goals to help client think positively
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How does Rational Emotive Therapy work?
Tells client how damaging their belief system is and the therapist will use argument, rationality and sarcasm to help them
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What is cognitive content?


Material thats being processed

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What is the cognitive process?


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What are cognitive products?


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What did Ellis find?


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