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ObservationKids watch people and notice how other Dollard and colleagues used aggression as a drive
people respond to what is said/done, observe which has to find an outlet, and proposed that that
consequences drive, was frustration. Linked with social learning theory
Models The person's behaviour that's being observed. which says…

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there's no evidence that watching or participating in Cultural contecxt New guinea practice head hunting as
competitive sport reduces aggression, it usually shows part of religious ritual and so not aggressive.
that it increases. Social learning theory explains The more warlike a culture, the more aggressive the
aggression it better.…

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Observational Method Advantagesby controlling some variables it's possible
Watch and analyse someone's behaviour. Usually more for researchers to draw conclusions from their
than one observer because behaviour is complex and observations Disadvantagesunfamiliar setting may
observer may be biased. Inter observer reliability. affect participants' behaviour, making it less natural
Behaviour noted…

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Content Analysis Correlational Study
Researchers analyse content of communication eg If psychologists want to find out what behaviours go
conversation, TV programme, newsreport etc.Used in together.
research on topics like aggression, racism, gender Advantagesprovides info about variable which can't be
stereotyping.Provides quantitative info as info in digits controlled, may form…

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Cultural Variances in Childcare practices Difficulties in studying various cultures
Ainsworth studied babies in Uganda from 4 months2 Researcher's interpretation of behaviour in another
yrs old, observing them every fortnight and classified as culture may be biased unless researcher from same
securely insecurely attached or not yet attached. Higher culture.…

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development and physical growth (remember to learn and the orphanage had much less. Lack of stimulation
table on cultural variation in childcare practices) and affection causes developmental probs, not lack
of mother and privation can be overcome with the right
kind of care. A few case studies of severely deprived…

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If the kid says that if you poured it back into the original
glass it would be the same, this shows reversibility.

Formal operational stage(11+)
The child in previous stage could manipulate things, but
now the kid can manipulate ideas, such as envisaging
relationships. According to Piaget, once the child…

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conformed to the rest of the group on most occasions Prevailing social norms: In the 1950s when the Asch's
when the group was wrong.Overall,75% participants experiment was done, there was a very strong pro
conformed to the wrong answer at least once. When America/anti communist feel, which meant that

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Factors which affected the level of obedience


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