The Bolshevik Consolidation of Power 1918-24

1. What did the peasants have a problem with?

  • Poor living and working conditions
  • Angry that the Bolsheviks had seized power
  • There were no sources for health or medical treatment
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2. Who were counter revolutionaries?

  • People who didn't care about what was going on in Russia
  • People that did not like what Lenin was doing
  • People who supported what Lenin was doing

3. Which of the following was a main problem for Lenin that he faced after the October Revolution of 1917?

  • Ensuring that the sick and elderly were well treated
  • Forming a government
  • Dealing with crime
  • Running the Olympics

4. What was the Cheka?

  • Group within the government that tended to the sick
  • Secret police
  • Underground anti-Bolshevik force

5. What was the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?

  • Deal that said that Russia would be continually supplied with equipment from Allies
  • Bolsheviks ended the war with Germany
  • Told Britain and France that they would continue to fight


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