A level History Russia Topic 4 - Bolshevik consolidation of power

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  • The Constiuent Assembly
    • How did the Bolsheviks consolidate their position?
      • Making peace with Germany
        • A cease fire was agreed as the Russian army could no longer defend Russia. Some Bolsheviks opposed the deal and it was eventually signed in March 1918, though it created a Civil War.
      • The Formation of the Cheka
        • By 1921 it had employed nearly 150,000 people. Some were secret police, others were heavily armed military. They liked torture/ executions.
      • Attack on Bolshevik opponents
        • They closed all hostile newspapers and many were denied voting in elections.
        • The outlawed Kadets in November 1917 and many of their leaders fled were  imprisoned.
        • They expelled SRs/Mensheviks so they could not partake in any political activity.
      • Red Terror
        • In 1918, the Cheka carried out a campaign of terror to ensure complete submission of those living in Bolshevik controlled Russia. The Tsar and his family were among 10,000 dead.
    • Lenin had no intention of handing over power. He imposed restrictions on the CA and closed it after just one day due to 'not being the true will of the people'.


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