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2. in what ways did the edelweiss pirates rebel?

  • beat up Hitler youth members, grew long hair, wrote slogans and listened to banned music.
  • threatened to increase global warming
  • they didn't
  • stole food from hitler

3. after 1942 why did German morale start to fall?

  • 3 million soldiers died in north africa
  • british bomber attacks, food shortages and German attacks stalling.
  • the americans dive bombed port salut
  • Hitler fell ill.

4. was there any military opposition during the war?

  • yes, the stauffenburg plot
  • no not really, everybody loved the Nazi's
  • yes, 5 generals took pot shots at Hitler

5. what was the white rose group?

  • a group that opposed the Nazi's by peaceful means like distributing leaflets.
  • a hippie movement that wore flowers all over their clothes
  • an organisation that believed Hitler was the best


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