the home front and opposition to Hitler

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1. what was total war?

  • Goebbels ordered that everyone should make sacrifices for Germany
  • where every citizen under 50 had to join the army
  • where Germany invaded poland
  • when Himmler ordered 2000 jews to be gassed.
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2. in what ways did the edelweiss pirates rebel?

  • beat up Hitler youth members, grew long hair, wrote slogans and listened to banned music.
  • threatened to increase global warming
  • they didn't
  • stole food from hitler

3. who were the edelweiss pirates?

  • young people that stole chocolate
  • an open form of resistance from young people that could be violent
  • prodestants that attacked any non-aryan people

4. between 1939-42 life in Germany was good, why?

  • the german army was very good at defending the homeland
  • there was quite a high standard of living, there was frequent German victories and there was no fighting on German soil
  • everyone had lots of food
  • there was increased economic prosperity.

5. did women start working again after 1943?

  • yes
  • no
  • some did


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