Germany in transition, 1929-1947

Includes the rise of the nazi partyand its consolidation of power, 1929-34, the changing life for the german people, 1933-39 and the war and its impacts on life in germany, 1939-47.


The political and economic problems of the Weimar

What is the Weimar republic?+how was it created?

What did the treaty of Versailles include?+who were the November criminals and how did this lead to the hatred of the Weimar Republic? 

What were the internal problems?-Spartacist rebellion-political extremists-Munich putch?

What was included in the economic collapse?

How did Streseman recover from such probelms?

Explain Hitlers role in the nazi party and how this developed?+how did he compare to Anton Drexler?

How did the Nazi party develop?+what was the 25point plan and the arian race?

What was and the consequences of the munich putsch?

What impact did the Wall street crash have on Nazi support?

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Political scheming, 1929-32 (P) and the reason for

What significance were the coalitions with Von Bruning, Vob Papen and Von Schleicher have on Hitler's power?

Why did certain people push for Hitlers power?

What were the reasons for nazi success?-appeal, promises, fear of communism, SA, propaganda?

What role did the wall street crash have on Nazi success?

Why did Hitler write the mein Kampf?+whats in it?

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Hitler as chancellor (P) and the move to dictator

How is the Reichstag significant in the rise of Hitler?

What was the enabling law?+what part did this play?

What happened at the march election?

What was included with the suppression of civil Liberties?+what part this play?

What happened on the night of the long knives?

What were the Nuremburg laws?

How and when did Hitler become Fuhrer?

What does Fuhrer mean?

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Tackling economic problems (P) and the treatment o

What were the 3 economic probelms Hitler gained when he became chancellor?

How did he reduce unemployment issues?

What part did he play in trade unions (DAF)?+what did this mean for people's freedom?

How did hitler improve Germany in all aspects?

What was the SDA (beauty of labour) and the KDF (strength through joy)?

What were the 3K's?

What happened with women and work?+to what extent did hitler go to produce families?

How did he control Women?-clothing, children?

How did he control education?+what was the Hitler youth?

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Extending political control (P) and the use of pro

How did Hitler use the ** and the Gestapo?

How did Hitler control the legal system?

How did Hitler control the government?

What part did Goebbels have in the Nazi party?

What was censorship?+ministry of enlightenment?

What did propaganda include?+how successful was it?

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Nazi Racial policy(P) and the treatment of religio

How did the Nazi's feel about race and what was the master race?+making the master race?

Why were Jews's hated and prosecuted?

What was the Kristallnacht?

What was the concordat that Hitler signed?+what did this mean?

What were Nazi's views on religion?

What were the good and bad reasons for the concordat?

What happened in 1937?

What was the Reich church?+how did this unite people and what did it include?

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War!-life during the early years, 1939-41 and late

When the war started how did the role of women change?

How did it effect Germany initially?

Goebbels use of propaganda on the home front?+what role did it play?

What was rationing?+its role?

Why was total war put in place?+Why was tighter control of economy and production put in place?

What was the black market?

Effects of the allied bombings?

What was the peoples home guard?

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Opposition from civilians and the military

YOUNG PEOPLE-What did the Edelweiss Pirates and the swing youth do and how did they rebel?

Explain in detail the action of the white rose group?+what happened to them?

How did religious leader rebel?:Wiemoller/Bonhoeffer/Von Galen-religion and what they did?

Explain in detail the July bomb plot?-causes and effects.


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The defeat of Germany (P) and the punishment of Ge

What were the Allied bombings and Dresden?

Explain Germany at war?+its defeats?

What was the fall of Berlin?

How did the death of Hitler and the fall of Berlin link?

How did we divide Germany?-THE PEACE CONFERENCES!

What happened at the Nuremberg Trails?+give some examples of the guilty?

What does Denazification mean?+its part on Germany?

Arrest and trial of Nazi leaders?

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The streseman era

How did the rentenmark help the weimar republic?

What was the Dawes plan 1924?+how did this fall to pieces?

What was the young plan?

What were the Locarno treaties?

How did we gain league of nations membership?

What was the Kellog-Briand pact?

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Treatment of Jews

Describe the development of ghettos?

What are and describe special action squads?

Why was the final solution implemented?

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