Hitler's Germany

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Beer Hall Putsch
9th November 1923, Failed attempt by Nazis to seize power in Munich, led to Hitler in prison for 9 months
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Nazi Propaganda to consolidate power
Goebbels, generalised policies, showed opposition negatively
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used every opportunity to put blame on allies, Jews, Communists, Treaty of Versailles
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How did Hitler use the threat of communism to gain support
Hitler gained support of businessmen by promising to get rid of communism
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Hitler promised to end it by starting public work schemes
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Wall Street Crash
1929, people desperate, needed strong leader
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Reichstag Fire
27th February 1933, Dutch Communist Van Der Lubbe blamed, Hitler says communists behind it and issues emergency decree
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Emergency decree
SA/** can arrest any suspected political opposition
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Enabling Act
March 1933, allows Hitler to pass any law without others, ends democracy
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Night of the Long Knives
29/30th June, Hitler heard SA plotting, ** arrested and shot many including Ernst Rohm and Chancellor Schleicher
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Hitler's Aim
Totalitarian state, no other parties, self sufficient
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Feared, Reinhard Heydrich, violent
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Bodyguards of Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, aryans, loyal, destroyed opposition, trained
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Nazi propaganda when Hitler was in power
Goebbels, ideologies, impose ideas, indoctrinate people, simple
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One party state
Hitler was Fuhrer, total control
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controlled, radios cheap for everyone, loud speakers, newspapers, books not approved burnt, Jewish editors banned
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Hitler Youth
train men to be soldiers, prepare for war, fun, uniforms, treated like adults
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Young People
brainwashed, teach future generations on policies, loyal
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League of German Maidens
Girls version of Hitler Youth, taught to be mothers of aryan race, activities such as knitting
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Eidelweiss pirates
opposed Nazis, boys and girls
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Public Work Schemes
reduce unemployment, autobahns, luxuries, German labour front, conscription created jobs, cars and family trips
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stay at home, 'church, children, kitchen', encouraged to have kids (medals), aryan race, no trousers/makeup
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needed workers to establish empire, no trade unions, standard of living lower than pre-depression
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Mess because of Wall Street Crash, Hitler promised radical improvements so majority gave up political freedom, boosted popularity of Nazis and national pride
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Statistics on the persecution of Jews
10 million victimes of holocaust, 5-6 million Jews killed
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Berlin Olympics
1936, no anti-Jew posters, showed Hitler in good light
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Civil service
Jews banned
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Jewish passports
stamped with red J, separation from public
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1939-42, built for Jews in Eastern Europe, 356, 'holding areas', brutal, overcrowded, disease, Nazis used propaganda to justify, EG Warsaw
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Star of David
had to be worn by Jews at all time and put on shops
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Death Marches
January 1945, Russian forces advancing, prisoners forced to march to another camp to be killed,
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Death March statistics
17th January 1945, 58,000 prisoners left Auschwitz to walk to Bergen-Belsen, only 20,000 survived
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1938, Jewish shops smashed, first step to final solution
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Nuremburg Laws
legal restrictions against Jews, made subjects not citizens
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mobile killing units, killed Jews on mass, Eastern Europe, Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich
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Concentration Camps
opposition to Nazis put in them, late 1930's death common, labour, poor sanitary conditions, poor food, illness rife, E.G. Sobebor, Auschwitz
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Labour in camps
munitions factories, farms, coal mines, some worked in camps
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Slave labour
prisoners of war put in slave labour camps, by 1944 1/4 of Germans work force
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Life on home front 1939-41
rationing, food and clothes, hot water 2 days a week, no toilet paper, standard of living relatively high still
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Life on home front 1941-43
big losses in army, war going badly, propaganda to keep morale high, air raids
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Mid 1943
Germany's economy overseen by Albert Speer
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life on home front 1943-44
1943 total war, all of German society had to contribute to war, 8 million more workers now available
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late 1944
almost entire economy dedicated to war, big rise in military production
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life on home front 1944-45
July 1944, Nazis started to prepare for last effort to win, entertainment closed, home guard formed, air raids, chaos in country
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Total war
1943, everything devoted to war, all of economy going to war
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labour shortages
hardly any excess labour, conscription for women in 1943, prisoners of war had to contribute
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Nuremburg Trials
20 Nazi leaders arrested and tried for war crimes, 10 people hanged, denazification
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