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2. How is Daisy preseneted

  • Stupid, ditzy and childish
  • fake, uncaring, ditzy, cynical to an extent
  • Caring, loving, idealistic

3. Signfiance of Dr T.J Ecklebeurg

  • He is Gatsby's optician
  • His eyes are like God, blue- a calming but authortive colour, all seeing
  • No sigfinace

4. How is Gatsby Presented?

  • silly and immature
  • As idealistic, a man of hope, wealthy, cares a lot about his apperance.
  • Cynical, mean, imposing

5. Is Nick Carraway a reliable narrator ?

  • yes, because he was not there when the events happen, unbiased
  • No, as he is a charcater in the novel and becomes friends with Gatsby and seems to side with Gatsby.
  • nO,because he doesn't like Tom and Mytrle.
  • Yes


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