English Coursework plan

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  • English coursework plan - Natalia
    • Othello
      • Othello falls victim to Iago's maniuplations
        • Caused by cheating and passed for promotion
      • Desdemona falls victim to Othello and his disbelief
        • Caused by rumours of Cassio
        • Less lines
      • Cassio falls victim to Iago and Othello
    • Enduring Love
      • Joe falls victim to Jeds obsession
        • Victim of his disease
      • Clarissa and Joe to the crash
        • The affects this had led to - Jed
    • The Great Gatsby
      • Daisy falls victim to Tom
      • Gatsby falls victim to Daisy
        • Leads to car accident and his death
          • Gatsby to Tom - "What if I did tell him?"


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