The Great Gatsby - Context

Brief comments on matters of context included in The Great Gatsby 

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  • Great Gatsby - Context
    • International Theme: Great Gatsby is about being American, everything American - American dream, liberties... Wanted the book to be entitled "Under the Red, White, and Blue"
    • Jazz Age and Flappers: Fitzgerald a leading chronicler of the Jazz Age - 1920s America. Pursuit of pleasure after WWI, women living more liberates lives than ever before. Yet Jordan Baker does not fit this image despite being independent
    • Prohibition: 1920-1933: prohibited by law. Jay Gatsby said to have made money through illegal bootlegging according to rumour and Tom Buchanan. Ch:4 - Meyer Wolfshiem,
    • Male Dominance: Women not granted the vote until 1920 - patriarchal society
    • Alcohol - addictive: Fitzgerald was addicted to alcohol - contributed to his early death - experience and knowledge in this area
    • Status: Clear difference between East Egg > West Egg. Gatsby and Nick will be never be as good as East Egg, Gatsby originated in a place like the Valley of Ashes


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