The Great Gatsby - Chapter 4


Chapter 4 - pages 39-52

key quotations:

Gatsby's Rolls-Royce = "Gatsby's gorgeous car lurched up" (p.41) oxymoron, Gatsby is an oxymoron in himself, like his car 

Gatsby's facade = "his elegant sentences unfinished...slapping himself indecisvely...he broke out surprisingly." (p.41) Gatsby seems unsure, the reader is able to see under his facade here, what's on his mind? Opposite to the cool and calm demeanour we see earlier. 

Gatsby to Nick = "I didn't want you to think I was just a nobody." (p.41)Foreshadowing? Gatsby wants to be known as a special and unique character. 

Gatsby's connections = "I was able to do the comissioner a favour once and he sends me a Christmas card every year." (p.44)  able to get out of trouble with the police, a hint there is something dodgy about him & his connections 

Gatsby & women (Wolfsheim) = "Gatsby's very careful about women. He would never so much look at a friend's wife." (p.47) Ironic, this statement is clearly wrong - foreshadowing? 

Gatsby's reaction to reality = "This is Mr Buchanan...a strained, unfamiliar look of embarassment came over Gatsby's face." (p.48) seeing Daisy's husband forces Gatsby to face the truth/reality that may shatter his dreams but he ignores it. 

Gatsby's goals = "Gatsby bought that house so


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