The Educational System and options at 18+(Vocabulary and Some Information)

- Words with (m) or (f) are words that categorised as the gender specified only

- The education system in France (AKA l'Hexagon), countries colonised by the French (E.g. Belgium and Guadeloupe) and countries such as Tunisia (colonised by the French but regaining partial independence thus given the status of protectorat (protectorate - a state controlled and protected by another) all follow the same system (the French one) which is very different to the English education system.

la scolarité
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la maternelle
nursery school
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la règle (de vie collective)
Rule (of group life)
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l'école (f) primaire
primary school
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les travaux (m) pratiques
practical work
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la capacité
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le brevet
15+ diploma
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la terminale
last year at lycée
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le lycée
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le bac classique
traditional 18+ diploma
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le bac technique
technnological 18+ diploma
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le bac pro(fessionnelle)
vocational 18+ diploma
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la voie générale
general path
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la voie technique
technological path
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la voie professionnelle
vocational path
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la voie littéraire
art options
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la voie scientifique
science option
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la passerelle
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la filière
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la fac(ulté)
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les études (f) (supérieures)
(higher) education
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la formation en alternance
sandwich course
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l'apprentissage (m)
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l'orientation (f) professionnelle
career path
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les perspctives (f) d'emploi
employment prospects
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le marché du travail
labour market
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effeective, operational
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en poche
under (my) belt
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to teach
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to train
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to study
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redoubler (une classe)
to repeat (a year)
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passer (un examen)
to take (an exam)
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élargir ses connaissances
to broaden one's knowledge
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affiner ses compétences
to hone (one's skills)
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décider de son orientation
to decide on a path
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opter pour (une voie)
to opt for (a direction/a path)
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poursuivre des études (f)
to carry on studying, do a course
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nursery school


la maternelle

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Rule (of group life)


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primary school


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practical work


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