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How many same-sex marriages are there in France?
In 2014, same sex marriages represented 4% of total marriages.
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How is the number of marriages changing?
Marriage is becoming less common and I think its due to less social pressure and religion being less important
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How many divorces are there in France?
334 divorces are pronounced every day
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Who usually asks for divorce?
3/4 of the time the wife asks for the divorce
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How many French people live with their parents?
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How many French people are single?
18 million/ 27% of population
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How is the trend of being single changing?
It is becoming more popular
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How many people in England and Wales are single?
1.5million/ 51% of population
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How many women married before the age of 30 in 1950s compared to now?
74% in 1950s and 16% of women today
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How many marriages were religious in 1950s compared to now?
9 out of 10 marriages in 1950s compared to 6 out of 10 now
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How many newly married couples move to new lodgings in 1950s compared to today?
67% in 1950s compared to less than 50% today
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How many marriages end in divorce in 1950s compared to today?
11% of marriages in 1950s and nearly 50% today
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What are the French attitudes towards single-sex couples?
Traditional culture, gay pride event in Paris has grown in popularity and attracts tens of thousands of people
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What are the English attitudes towards single-sex couples?
I think more accepting than French as French have more catholic culture
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When was same-sex marriage/ partnership introduced?
April 2013
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How many single parent families are there in France?
One family in five are single parent families
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How many single parent families are there in UK?
Nearly one family in four are single parent families
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How has the rate of single parent families increased in France?
Today single parent familes are 2.5 times more common than 40 years ago
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What are the causes of single parent families?
Before it was mainly just the death of a spouse that caused single parent families whereas now separation and divorce are more common
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How many children under 18 live in step families?
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What is the role of grand-parents?
Provide information about their family history, provide stability, less stressed and have free time, can treat the children
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How much time do 8 -10 year olds spend watching a screen?
20 hours a week
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How many french people had a computer in 2012?
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How many french people have downloaded music?
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How many 12-17 years olds are on a social network?
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How many over 65s use Twitter?
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How many mobile phones are there in France?
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How many people in england had a computer in 2012?
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How much time do English 5-10 year olds spend in front of a screen?
31.5hrs a week
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How many English 13 - 18 year olds are on social networks?
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How many English over 65s use twitter?
One in four over 65 year olds use social media
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How many mobile phones are there in UK?
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What was the predecessor to the Internet and when was it?
Minitel in 1982
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How many accounts and passwords do French people have?
13.6 each
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What are their online accounts for?
Social network profiles, bank accounts, online shopping
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What are French attitudes towards the Internet?
95% say it makes their life easier, 98% say it always them to access information easier, 86% say it is indispensable
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How many French school children have been victims of cyber bullying?
one in five
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How much does France invest in cyber defence?
1 billion euros
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What exists to combat cyber bullying?
Le Centre Cyber-aide which wants to outline the risks of the internet
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How many volunteers are there in France?
16 million
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How many charities are there in France?
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By how much has the amount of people doing voluntary work increased?
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How many French people are members of a charity?
29million which is 45%
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Has le bénévolat associatif or direct seen the biggest rise from 2010 to 2013?
Le bénévolat direct by 31%
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Name 3 charities in France, what their role is and who they support
Survie - fight hunger and corruption in the third world. SIPAR - reconstruction of Cambodia through its education. Fondation Louis-de-Broglie - french foundation for research into physics.
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How many people are homeless in France?
3.5 million
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Name 2 charities in France
Secours Catholique, Restos du coeur
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Give 5 facts about Les Restos du Coeur
Founded 1985, Founder was Coluche, provide cooking workshops, provide financial support, provide workshops for school support
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Why do people feel the need to help and what do they get from it?
give back to community, make a difference to others, build new skills, help with jobs, meet new people
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Which are the 2 groups of people which have seen the biggest rise in voluntary work?
15-35 years olds and the retired
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What is helping day? Give some facts and your opinion
Day where you give time each month for an act of solidarity for example giving food and drink to homeless. Set up by Othman Baccouche
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What record does France have?
Globally the most visited tourist destination in 2015
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Where do the French like to spend their holidays?
Majority spend it in france
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Where in France is most popular?
Sunny, beach areas
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What are more people spending their holidays doing?
Visiting exhibitions, festivals and monuments
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How many people visited France in 2015?
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How many historic monuments are there in France?
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Why visit Bordeaux?
For its history, wine, famous historical figures and important port
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How many people visit the Eiffel Tower? How does this help tourism?
5.7 million and it helps tourism as brings more people into the country, which helps its economy so more money can be put into it and makes France renowned for tourists
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What can you visit in Normandy and when does it date from?
Mont-Saint-Michel which dates from the 11th century
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What do you understand by the term "patrimoine"?
It is anything that we have inherited from previous generations including monuments and buildings as well as culture and traditions
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Music is the favourite cultural activity for which group of people?
15 - 24 year olds
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Name a big French music festival and what its aim is?
Le printemps de Bourges and it aims to promote the changing trends of contemporary francophone music
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How can people find out about musical events in Paris and surrounding areas?
Free magazine LYLO (les yeux, les oreilles) provides all info on concerts and events
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Name 2 French music talent shows
La Nouvelle Star, France Got Talent
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Why do French people listen to music?
Relax, break the solitude, socialise
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Name 2 French-Canadian singers
Béatrice Martin, Celine Dion
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Are more or less people listening to music nowadays?
More, 80% 2015, 74% 2006
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What is the favourite pastime for French people?
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What is the second favourite pastime for French people?
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How is France protecting French music?
Putting quotas on radios so they have to play a certain amount of francophone music during main listening times
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How many cinema screens are there in France and is this increasing?
2000 screens in 2010 and it is increasing
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How many new films does France produce each year?
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When was the first film shown, by who and where?
By Louis and Auguste Lumière, in Paris in december 1895
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Name a famous French actress and some facts about her
Marion Cotillard, first major role in 1990, in 2011 became best paid actress in France and best paid non american actress in Hollywood
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When was La Nouvelle Vague?
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What characterises a film from La Nouvelle Vague?
Reflects the director, scenes outside, low budget, unanswered endings, improvised dialogue
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What is the big French film festival called?
Cannes film festival
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What is the top prize at that festival?
La Palme d'Or
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What is meant by Le bénévolat associatif?
It is
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What is meant by Le bénévolat direct?
It is
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Have you watched any other French films? What did you think of them?
Les Choristes - it is quite moving and the music is good
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Name 2 events which are held to promote diversity
La Gay Pride de Paris - every year in july to celebrate sexual diversity. Le festival de musique de lanvellec - annual festival to maintain les traditions bretonnes
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What advantages are does "La colocation multiculturelle" bring?
Learn new language, learn new cultures, foods, traditions, puts an end to prejudice, discover more about own country
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For what reasons are people discriminated against in society?
Age, origin, disability
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A law has recently been introduced in canada to reduce which type of discrimination?
Gender inequalities for women in the workplace
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What is making diversity and tolerance more difficult?
International terrorism
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For which 3 groups is unemployment particularly high?
Young people, disabled people and foreigners
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How many households in France are classed as poor?
one in seven
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Who is particularly affected by poverty?
Single mothers
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How many autistic children in France will not go to school?
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Name 2 alarming statistics to do with autism?
19% of french wouldn't want to work with someone who has autism. 61% of french though 50000 people were affected by autism but it is actually 650000
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Why are people who have autism marginalised?
They have trouble communicating and others don't understand autism
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Name a charity in France which helps the homeless. What do you know about the charity?
L'abbe Pierre. Its mission is to enable every person to have access to decent housing and a dignified life. Founded in 1992
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Give 2 possible negative attitudes towards marginalised people
Too expensive to accommodate disabled people and homeless people should work instead of begging
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Whats the new form of social exclusion?
Digital isolation due to people not knowing how to use technology
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Is crime increasing or decreasing in France?
Increasing - not by a lot though
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Which form of crime has risen remarkably?
Burglaries - 50%
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Why is there a prison crisis in France?
More people put in prisons, historic record in July 2016, not enough places
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Who was the prime minister in France in 2016?
Manuel Valls
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What was his solution to the prison crisis?
Build 32 new prisons
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When was the death penalty abolished in France?
1981, last country in EU to abolish it
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Name 1 possible alternative to prison
le bracelet electronique
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How many people have the tag in France?
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What is the big advantage of the tag for the state?
It is a lot cheaper
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Give the french for another alternative to prison
Le travaux d'intérêt général
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Where is the prison crisis even worse?
Belgique - rate of reoffending is very high - 3 times higher than if they were punished in another way
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What do you know about the French political system?
sous le regisme de la cinquieme republique, cree par Charles de Gaulle - un president et un premier ministre -elections presidentielles take place every 5 years
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In which country is the voting age 16?
No francophone countries - Austria , Ecuador
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What is the voting age in France?
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What are the arguments for/against voting at 16?
it affects them so should have a say. can get married, fight, pay tax at 16 / not responsible enough to make sensible decision, influenced by parents
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For which party did young people largely vote in 2015?
Le Front National
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What are the 3 concerns of young people?
employment, security, immigration
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Which group in particular abstain from voting?
18-30 year olds
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