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1 Don't eat while you're listening ­ not even chewing gum! Every time you swallow you block
your hearing for a moment and when you're doing the exam you have to work quickly and can't
afford to lose time.
2 Always look at the title of the passage ­…

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23 Although the questions are based on the text in chronological order, you should listen to the item all
the way through before you answer the questions.
24 Ask your teachers to recommend a website or perhaps a radio programme in which young
people talk about their friendships and interests…

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1 Always try to justify your opinions.
25 Discuss the topics with your friends in English so that you have plenty of ideas to write about when
you take the exam.
26 Try to argue from different angles: e.g. advantages and disadvantages, problems and benefits,
problems and solutions, future…

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1 Have and make use of a range of opinion expressions e.g. je pense que, je crois que, j'estime
que, à mon avis, selon moi, je dirais que.
48 Remember that your opinions and views themselves are not being judged and in that sense there
are no right or…

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69 Try to express both your own as well as more general, widerreaching views about a particular
70 Try to think about the wider implications of the advantages / disadvantages related to a given issue ­
don't just relate these to your own experiences. This will give you more…

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1 Make the best use of the time available. Skim through the test and try to estimate which tasks
will need more time. Allot more time for bigger tasks.
2 Avoid getting stuck on details such as a word you don't understand or a particular question you don't


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