(Edexcel) French AS (&A2) Notes & Tips !

Mainly for Edexcel Unit 1 & 2

oral & written exam,but can also be helpful for A2 students

I will try & add more to it asap.

Hope that helps : )

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Edexcel French Preparation
Notes For AS (& A2)
GCE from 2008
Topics include Le Tabac ,L ´alcool ,Les Avantages du Sport, Le
Professionnalisme,vocab,useful phrases for writing essays & the oral
exam,Subjunctives,Letter Writing,Les Statistiques,Past paper
questions,links ,sample qs & answers,
Phrases & Vocab to help mainly (Edexcel French Students) It has
mainly AS preparation but can also be used for A2 & any other exam
board.Good Luck!
Summer 2010

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I apologise if the English translations are not grammatically correct,I did my best,use the dictionary if you need
it.Translating s not my thing, the French is correct though,you ll have to excuse the lack of punctuation(apostrophes
etc )as the keyboard is screwed up & I don t know how to change it : ( *
Les Avantages du Sport~The Advantages of Physical Exercise
Il a 1 effet bénéfique sur le coeur, les poumons et la circulation sanguine.…read more

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IMC/Indice de Masse Corporelle ­BMI
Le sponsorat/le Parrainage-sponsorship
Assouplissement- stretching
L échauffement- warm up
Le dépistage ­testing/screening
La concurrence-competition
Les résultats-results
Participer- to take part
Tricher-to cheat
Ses coéquipiers -his team-mates
Un titre mondial-a world title
Gagner par 3 buts à 2- to win by 3 goals to 2
La décontraction-relaxation
Le sport en pantoufles /l aspect passif du sport ­ watching sport on TV, the un -active side of sport as a pastime.
More vocab can be found on http://www.s-cool.co.…read more

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Le Professionnalisme ~Professionalism in Sport
L e professionnalisme transforme le monde du sport malheureusement.
Professionalism changes the sports world unfortunately.
Pour beaucoup le sport est devenu une grande industrie
For many ppl sport has become a large industry (ie.money making business)
Les sportifs rêvent de devenir milliardaires.
Sports ppl dream of becoming millionaires
Sur le maillot il faut porter le nom d une entreprise.
On their gear they have to have the name of a business (eg.…read more

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L ´alcool~ Alcohol
Dans 1 récent rapport français l´ alcool est classé dans la même catégorie de drogues que l ´héroïne et la cocaïne.
In a recent French report alcohol is classified in the same category of drugs as heroin and cocaine.
L´ abus d alcool est la première cause d´ accidents mortels chez les jeunes
Excessive drinking is the main cause of fatal accidents among young ppl.
20% des étudiants qui boivent le weekend souffriront d ´1 problème lie à l´ alcool plus tard.…read more

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Young ppl are the targets of marketing campaigns: the alcohol brands offer them sponsored student evenings
and free tasting sessions.
Slogan : Boire ou conduire il faut choisir
Drinking or driving,the choice must be made.
Les maladies du foie et les maladies cardio-vasculaires sont largement causes par l´abus d´alcool.
Diseases of the liver and cardiovascular diseases are largely caused by excessive drinking.
Le Tabac ~Tobacco
Dans une cigarette il y a 4 mille substances chimiques qu'on inhale.…read more

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Fumer c'est bien pour se détendre/
Smoking helps you relax.
Une fois qu'on a commencé c'est difficile de s'arrêter
Once you ve started its hard 2 give up.…read more

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The Environment~ pesticides Les Produits Phytosanitaires (pp)
*Note * this may be a little bit too hard for AS,but if you have chosen to do something on the environment for A2
these phrases might come in handy.…read more

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Essay Q
chosen lexis
Use of subject / verb unit
Note both subject and verb must be
correctly spelled
Link words / conjunctions
Par exemple
Parce que
Use of infinitives
j'ai essayé d'utiliser
Other verb constructions
après avoir /être
Object pronouns
il m'a donné
Relative pronouns
la vedette qui chantait
Disjunctive pronouns
Chez moi
Contracted forms
Au lycée
Beaucoup de travail
Faire du sport
Il y a deux semaines
Je me suis…read more


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