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2. Who was sent to get Jesus?

  • Some elders of Gentile
  • Some elders of the Jews
  • Centurions Servant
  • Centurion

3. After the friends speech, what does Jesus say?

  • I tell you, i have not heard such great faith, but i smell something fishy
  • I tell you, i have not seen such great faith, he will be healed
  • I tell you, i have not found such great faith even in isarel
  • I tell you, i have not heard such great face, i assure you he is sleeping

4. Some more people came up to see Jesus, what did they tell him to do?

  • The person dying says he is not worthy of Jesus curing him
  • he does not deserve a man like Jesus under his roof because he is a sinner
  • He does not deserve him under the roof, that is why i did not even consider myself worthy to come to you
  • He needs to hurry because the man is dying

5. What happened when the friends went back to the house?

  • The man was still dying
  • The man was dead
  • The man was well again
  • The man was skipping


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