Religion Syllabus

It's a breakdown of the catholic religion syllabus, each topic is marked to the parables that are needed to be learned for that question. St Mark's Gospel And Christian Lifestyle and values. Makes it Clearer to understand

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The Christian life and St. Mark's Gospel
The Baptism
The Transfiguration Son of God
Trail before the High Priest
Paralysed Man
Request of James and John Son of Man
Prediction of the Passion
Calming of the Storm
Feeding of the 5000 Jesus/Saviour
Syro-Phoenician Woman's Daughter
Caesarea Philippi
Blind Bartimaeus Christ/Messiah/Son of David
Entry to Jerusalem
The Arrest of Jesus
Roman Trail and Mocking
Jesus is Sentenced to Death
The Soldiers Mock Jesus Suffering, death & resurrection
The Crucifixion
The Death of Jesus
The Burial
The Empty Tomb
Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene
Jesus Appears to two Disciples
Jesus Appears to the Eleven Resurrection appearances
Jesus is taken up to Heaven
The Question about the Resurrection
The Power of the Sower
The purpose of the parables
Jesus explains the Parable of the Sower
A Lamp under a Bowl
The Parable of the growing seed Parables of the kingdom
The parable of the mustard seed
Sayings of the kingdom
Jesus and the children
Entry into the kingdom
The greatest commandments

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Jairus' daughter
The woman with a haemorrhage Faith & prayer
Jesus at prayer
The epileptic boy
Cost of discipleship
Rewards of discipleship Discipleship
The widow that the treasury
Call of the disciples
Choosing the twelve
Mission of the twelve
Peter's promise and denial Leadership
Peter denied Jesus
The commission
Man with an evil spirit
Questions about the Sabbath
Man with withered hand Worship
Resurrection day
The last supper
Jesus' baptism Baptism…read more

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Effects of the Roman Catholic Tradition upon Aspects of Christian
Lifestyle and Behaviour
Ten commandments
The beatitudes
True happiness
Salt and light
Teaching about the law
Teaching about anger
Teaching about adultery
Teaching about divorce
Teaching about vows
Love for enemies
Teaching about charity
Teaching about prayer
Riches in heaven
The light of the body
God and possessions
Judging others
Ask, seek, knock
The narrow gate
A tree and its fruit
I never knew you
The two house builders Christian Values
The authority of Jesus…read more

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The great commandment
The forgiving father
Jesus heals a paralysed man
The centurion's servant
The practice of justice and reconciliation
Philemon's love and faith
A request for Onesimus
Final greetings
Respect for all people Christian response
The parable of the talents
The sheep and the goats
The lost sheep
The lost coin
Unmerciful servant
Marriage and marital breakdown
Sickness and healing…read more


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