Community cohesion: Christianity and Islam promoting racial harmony

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Community cohesion


Racial harmony-different ethnic groups living together peacefully

Why Christians should help to promote racial harmony

1. In the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), Jesus taught that Christians should love their neighbours and that means people of all races.

2. Jesus treated a Samaritan woman as his equal (John 4); healed a Roman centurion's servant (Luke 7) and had a black African helping him carry his cross (Luke 23:26). Christians should follow the example of Jesus.

3. St Peter was given a vision by God (Acts 10) in which God sent down a sheet filled with all sorts of animals and told Peter to eat from them, but Peter refused because according to Jewish law they were unclean. A voice from heaven told him "What God has made clean you have no right to call profane". Peter believed that God was showing him that God treats all races the same and accepts the worship of anyone who does right whatever their


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