The Arms Race

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1. 3. The Rosenbergs were executed for espionage in 1951 (passing nuclear secrets to the USSR). Which other person was convicted of espionage and what were they responsible for doing?

  • Klaus Fuchs- selling American nuclear designs to the Soviets.
  • Nicholas Fuchs- passing nuclear secrets to the Soviets.
  • Santa Claus- Not bringing American children Christmas presents
  • Walter Ford- selling American nuclear designs to the Soviets
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2. 1. What event angered the Soviets and increased tensions between the US and USSR?

  • Khrushchev visited the US, being the first Russian leader to visit America.
  • America said they would support Malenkov instead of Khrushchev.
  • American U2 spy plane entered Soviet air space. It was shot down.
  • A Soviet spy plane was found to be taking photographs of the American bomber fleet.

3. 4. Which superpower launched the first space satellite and what was it named?

  • France- "Sputnik"
  • Americans- "Spotnik"
  • Soviets- "Sputnik"
  • Britain- "Botnik"

4. 5. A different superpower followed by unsuccessfully launching a space satellite. Which superpower was this and what did the media call the satellite?

  • France- NASA
  • America- "Flopnik"
  • Britain- "Spotnik"
  • Soviets- "Disasternik"

5. 2. The development of which bomb came first, the hydrogen bomb or the atomic bomb?

  • Neither existed.
  • Atomic bomb
  • Both developed at the same time.
  • Hydrogen bomb


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