TB7 D&L Lecture 3; Developmental Dyslexia

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1. Which of these is NOT a key behavioural feature of developmental dyslexia?

  • Severe difficulties in learning to spell
  • Difficulties in phonological processing related to both storage and retrieval
  • Impaired at reading words and nonwords
  • Impaired at reading words but not non-words
  • Early difficulties with learning relationships between letters and sounds
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2. Which of these is NOT an important area in normal language functioning

  • Occipital lobes
  • Fusiform gyrus (vwfa) (inferior temporal lobe)
  • Brocas area (posterior inferior frontal gyrus)
  • Wernickes area (posterior superior temporal gyrus)

3. What is the most WIDELY supported theory of dyslexia at present?

  • The cerebellar hypothesis
  • The phonological core variable deficit hypothesis
  • The phonological deficit hypothesis
  • The simple view of reading

4. What is the core concept behind the Auditory Perceptual deficit hypothesis?

  • Dyslexia is caused by a deficit with rapid auditory temporal processing; however this finding has not been replicated and may be indicative of broader issues
  • Motor control is associated with dyslexia causing problems with automatisation and so reading fluency (cerebellar functioning). However, most likely just due to comorbidity rather than an underlying cause

5. In a study by White et al (2006), what did the majority of pps show?

  • A morphological deficit
  • A linguistic (phonological) deficit
  • A lexico-semantic deficit
  • A semantic deficit


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