TB7 D&L Lecture 2 Quiz; Reading Development in typical and atypical children

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1. Which stage in Ehris reading framework fully uses multiple routes to word reading, rime units and consistent sight-word reading

  • Consolidated alphabetic
  • Partial alphabetic
  • Pre-alphabetic
  • Full alphabetic
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2. In Burgoyne et als (2012) training intervention study, did gains generalise to other skills e.g receptive and expressive grammar?

  • No
  • Yes

3. Why was onset-rime awareness thought to have more of an effect on early reading than phoneme awareness?

  • Children make analogies to help them read unknown words,but phonological skill/awareness seems to be a more important factor
  • Children make analogies to help them decode text more effectively

4. Which stage in Ehris reading framework has full knowledge of alphabet and grapheme-phoneme mappings?

  • Full alphabetic
  • Consolidated Alphabetic
  • Partial-alphabetic
  • Pre-alphabetic

5. Hulme et al (2012) Did vocabulary knowledge predict reading skill at the shortest time point?

  • Yes
  • No


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