TB10 P&C Lecture 2; Olfaction and taste

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1. The olfactory cleft...?

  • Part of the olfactory sensory neuron, each OSN has a single type of odor receptor.
  • Covered in mucus and is fragile
  • Oderant molecules 'stick to' this when air comes into contact with it
  • Force air flow against epithelium
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2. What does the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) found in both mice and humans seem to affect?

  • Mate choice
  • Skin colour
  • Reproductive success
  • Attractiveness

3. What affects liking of chilli peppers?

  • Social influences and affect
  • Affect and upbringing
  • Number of papillae and social influences
  • Social influences and personality

4. Exposure to androstadienone (a metabolite of testosterone)...?

  • Affected reproductive success
  • Affected perceived attractiveness
  • Affected speed dating ratings
  • Affected mate choice

5. When does the OSN fire?

  • Only during its preferred cycle time
  • When it reaches threshold for molecules
  • When about 8 of its binding sites are filled
  • When the olfactory epithelium detects molecules


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