TB10 P&C Lecture 2; Olfaction and taste

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1. Is the McClintock effect well supported?

  • No, original studies were barely significant and accounting for random sync removes effect. No support from large scale long term. Why?
  • Yes, original studies are well replicated in both clinical and natural settings and it is widely accepted knowledge
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2. Which of these is NOT a theory of smell?

  • Vibration theory
  • Swipecard theory
  • Convergence theory
  • Shape theory

3. Each OSN...?

  • Expresses just one type of receptor
  • Has broad non-specific connections
  • Receive input from glomeruli
  • Are resistant to damage due to highly internalised structure

4. Approximately how many OSN are there in your head?

  • 500 thousand
  • 5 million
  • 10 million
  • 750 thousand

5. The olfactory cleft...?

  • Part of the olfactory sensory neuron, each OSN has a single type of odor receptor.
  • Covered in mucus and is fragile
  • Oderant molecules 'stick to' this when air comes into contact with it
  • Force air flow against epithelium


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