Biopsychology T1

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Biopsychology T1 

Definitional overview of the functions in the nervous system

  • The NS (nervous system) it has specialised cells that communicate to the body 
  • The NS is divided into the PERIPH and the CNS.
  • The PERIPH  is anything outside the brain.
  • The CNS is anything within the brain or the spinal cord. 

Divisions of the CNS


Then there is a division between the PERIPH and the CNS


  • The PERIPH is divided into the SOM and the AUTO
  • The SOM deals with touch, body movement and senses.
  • The AUTO deals with subconscious processes which includes the SYPM and the PARA NS. 
  • The SYMP is activated during flight or flight

The PARA is involved in 'rest n digest'
-sexual arousal
- defecation

Nerves outside the NS are called ganglia cells.
Here's what you need to know about cells
1) what each one does 
2) whether they are released at the ganglion transmitter
3) whether they are short or long. 

Q. Why is it important to understand the NS in pregnancy?
A. To see abnormal versus normal and as the CNS develops early on in two weeks we can already highlight a birth defect. A lot of birth defects occur before a woman knows she's pregnant. 

1. Ecto-derm: everything on the outside of the body. Nueral crest + neural tube develpment of the CNS. Different parts of the neural tube= different parts of the CNS.

2. Endo-derm: all systems of the body.

3. Miso-derm: middle layer. 

Birth defects 

Spina Bifida 
This occurs when the posterior end of the nueral tube fails to close, we can also get failure of closure at the top which would affect the brain. (See Anencephaly- born with the front part of their skull missing) This is why doctors prescribe pregnancy medication that is high in folic acid as a decrease in folic acide increases Anencephaly by 75%. 

The notes I wrote for this were generally **** so you're going ot have to write and research again if you want to get it right. 

Myelin: surrounds neurons in the brain and speeds up the processing post birth. 

Also known as smooth brain because the genes are off. There's no gyri on the surface of the brain. 

FF: The forebrain doesn't finish developing until the mid 20's. 

Ways in which the NS is protected 

  • Skull 
  • localisation (minimal role)
  • cerebral-spinal fluid that flows to the meninges 
  • The


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