State Sponsored Terror Against Jews 1933-1939

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When was the boycott of Jewish shops and businesses?
1st April 1933
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How long did the boycott last?
One day
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Did all Germans participate in the boycott?
No - Many Germans took no notice of the SA's signs and carried on shopping in Jewish shops
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When did Kristallnacht occur?
9th/10th November 1938
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What excuse did the Nazis use to legitimise Kristallnacht?
The death of Ernst von Rath (who was killed by a Polish Jew)
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How many Jews were killed during Kristallnacht?
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What was the 'Decree for the Restoration of the Street Scene'?
Jews were ordered to pay 1 billion RM in compensation for disruption to the economy
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On October 15th 1938, what happened with Jewish people's passport?
They got stamped with a red 'J'
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When did the Nazis launch 'Operation Barbarossa'?
June 1941
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Which group did Heydrich send in to the Soviet Union?
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What order was given to them?
Identify, concentrate and kill Jews, Soviet officials and other potential threats to the German rule
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What were the Nazis obsessed with in terms of racial hygiene?
Selective breeding
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What two methods did the Nazis use to prevent diabilities, deformities and homosexuality?
Euthanasia and sterilisation
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How many people were sterilised during the Third Reich?
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What law was introduced in June 1933?
Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases
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In 1939 what secret programme were the ** preparing?
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When was the invasion of Poland?
September 1939
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How many Jews were in Poland?
3 million
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What were the Nazis' plan for after the invasion?
Mass deportation to the East and to Germanise the lands (Lebensraum)
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What is the origin of the Euthanasia programme?
A baby boy was born missing one leg and one arm. His father wrote a letter to Hitler asking for it to be mercy killed. Philipp Bouhler showed this letter to Hitler.
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When was the Euthanaisa programme authorised by Hitler?
September 1939
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How many children were killed in this secret programme?
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In which month of 1941 was the Euthanasia programme halted? Why?
August - Rumours spread among staff working at asylums and it spread to the public. This led to mass protests outside killing centres, Catholic chuches and letters were also written to Hitler.
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In what month of 1939 were the Jews made to wear the Star of David?
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When was the first ghetto set up? Where?
February 1940 - Lodz
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Ghetto conditions were horrible. How many people had to share an apartment?
15 - 6 people per room
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What type of diseases existed in the ghettos?
Typhus, TB, lices and spotted fever
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Who was Mordechai Rumkovski?
The dictator of Lodz
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How many people died in the ghettos?
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What is one way the Jews attempted to carry on with normal life in the ghettos?
Illegal schools, soup kitchens etc... were set up
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Was the Madagascar Plan coined by the Nazis?
No - this plan had been coined by the French who had just come up with the idea with little expectation of it ever coming to life
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How many Jews were planning to be deported to Madagascar?
4 million
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How many people did Vichy France have to resettle in order for the plan to work?
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How was this similar to the ghettos?
Jews were to be eliminated by 'natural wastage'
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Why did Himmler request a more convenient mode of killing be developed for the Police Battalion?
He could see that the shooting was starting to be psychologically traumatising for them
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When was the Wannsee Conference?
20th January 1942
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What was the purpose of the conference?
Goerring ordered Heydrich to make preparations for the Final Solution
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What did Eichmann mean by the Jews being 'treated accordingly'?
That they would be sent to death camps
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What terms were used instead of 'extermination'?
'legalised removal' and 'resettlement'
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Was Hitler present?
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What was the aftermath of the Wannsee Conference?
All organsations and bodies across German territories were working to one set of guidelines. Mass killing also accelerated - especially from February 1942 - February 1943
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What was Operation Reinhard?
The mass gassing of 2 million Jews
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5 death camps?
Chelmo, Auschwitz, Belzec, Treblinka and Sobibor
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What happened on October 14th 1943?
300 prisoners escaped the camp, however, 100 were caught and killed.
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When did Kristallnacht occur?


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