How Far Did Hitler Meet His Aims

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  • How Far did Hitler Achieve His Anti Semitic Aims Between 1933-1939?
    • Due to Reichkristallnacht in 1938 up to 150 000 jews emigrated due to the pressure and isolation caused by the nazi and by 1939 500 000 had left Germany.
      • However, 30 000 were arrested therefore they could not leave.
        • However majority of the jews were released but only under the circumstance that they would leave. Being released from jail acted as a motive for those who did not voluntarily leave.
    • The Nuremberg Laws 1935 the Reich citizenship law (Jews are not German citizens even if one grandparent is a jew). This isolated Jews from society taking away their rights making them want to leave.
      • However, for already existing marriages these laws were not often reinforced. Therefore his aim of segregation was not met for all Jews.
        • However, Having these laws made it easier for Nazis to legally discriminate against Jews.
    • There was propaganda segregating Jews stating them as evil and a threat to the German society. The segregation was furthered by The boycotts of German shops forcing businesses to close down.
      • During 1936 segregation and isolation of Jews calmed down and they returned to Germany or stopped their plans to leave. This stopped his aims as Jews were happy being in Germany
        • However this could been seen as a tactical pause therefore his aim was calm the segregation down during this year to hid the extent from the rest of the world and publicity while people were there for the Olympics. Also the segregation did not stop.
  • The aim i am mentioning is emigration
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