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The Holocaust
Initial Anti-Semitic Activity,
1920 - 25 Point Programme ­ said no Jew could be a Citizen of the Reich. April 1st 1933 ­ One day boycott of Jewish shops. April
7th 1933 ­ "Law for Restoration of a Professional Civil Service". (Administration, courts, schools and universities purged of…

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1936 Olympics. Fear of Foreign Boycott set against a fragile recovery of the Economy. Hitler wanted to avoid disruption before
rearmament had made enough progress. 9th October ­ decree banning civil servants from consulting Jewish doctors, pharmacists,
hospitals and nursing homes.
Change of Tactics: Einsatzgruppen,
Himmler sent four specially trained…

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Decree for the Restoration of the Street; All damaged Jewish properties to be repaired by Jews, Cost of repairs met by Jews and
Insurance claims to be confiscated by the state.
Decree concerning Reparations; 1 Billion Reich Marks from Jews collectively as Reparation, Jews can no longer be an employer,…

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Was the Final Solution successful?
The Nazis aimed to kill 11 million Jews at the Wannsee Conference in 1941. Today there are only 2000 Jews living in Poland. The

Nazis managed to kill at least 6 million Jews. Men helped Jews escape the Final Solution. Not all Jews went quietly…


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