Persecution of the Jews

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  • Persecution of the Jews 1933-1939
    • Boycott of Jewish shops and businesses - 1933.
      • 'Jude' (Jew) was painted on windows and the SA tried to persuade the public not to enter.
    • The Nuremberg Laws - 1935.
      • Passed on 15th September 1935.
      • Stated that only those of German blood could be German citizens.
      • Jews lost their citizenship, their right to vote and hold government office.
      • The Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honour was passed.
        • Forbade marriage or sexual relations between Jews and German citizens.
    • 1938.
      • Jews had to register their possessions, making it easier to confiscate them.
      • Had to carry identity cards.
      • Jews had the red letter 'J' stamped on their passports.
      • Kristallnacht - 1938.
        • 9th November 1939.
        • A Polish Jew shot a German official.
          • He was protesting against the treatment of his parents in Germany who had been deported to Poland.
        • Goebbels used this as an opportunity to organise anti-Jewish demonstrations.
          • Attacks on Jewish property, shops, homes and synagogues.
        • About 10 Jews were killed and 20,000 were sent to concentration camps.





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