Society During Henry VII's Reign

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1. What caused the York and Cornish rebellions?

  • The unequal distribution of wealth between the north and west
  • Taxation
  • Religion
  • The nobility told them to rebel
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2. What social class began to emerge during Henry VII's reign?

  • The bourgeoisie
  • The peasantry
  • The mere gentry
  • The nobility

3. What were the higher ranking members of the gentry called?

  • The Elite Gentry
  • The Greater Gentry
  • The Higher Gentry
  • The Mere Gentry

4. What class of people did Henry decrease in the clergy?

  • The commoners
  • The nobility
  • The bourgeoisie
  • The gentry

5. During which rebellion was the Earl of Northumberland murdered?

  • York, 1489
  • Suffolk, 1499
  • Cornwall, 1497
  • Stoke, 1487


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