Tudors - Thomas Wolsey 1473-1530

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- He was allegedly fathered by a butcher (may be exaggerated for propaganda)
-Henry VII's desire to reduce the power of the nobility meant that those with lesse backgrounds could rise in society
-During Henry VII's reign he was involved in geotiations with James IV of Scotland in 1508
-He took advantage of Henry VII's early lack of interest in governemnt to move up the system and become a member of the privy council, used considerably by Henry VIII. His early role was an 'almoner' - a chaplin who gives money to deserving poor people

#Henry VIII gradually removed cautious, conservative advisors in the privy council and gave more prominence to those who wanted war
#Wolsey was antiwar by 1511, but in order to gain preference he recommended invading France and eventually joining in the holy league
#He became Henry's closest confident and by 1515 he was lord chancellor of England

Getting rid of enemies
Wolsey had many enemies, especially in nobility. Reasons for people against Wolsey:
1) not respected for poor alleged background
2) people thought he charmed his way into power rather than other individuals who deserved his position more than him
3) He had both religious and secular power which could easily influence the king
He dealt with the majority of enemies by ruining their reputations by cutting their influence with thte king E.g, Edward Stafford, the duke of Buckingham

*Wolsey was given religious/secular roles through Henry's reign
*In 1514 he was made bishop of Lincoln and archbishop of York
*Pope Leo made him cardinal…


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