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2. Why did the English pick Africans for slaves instead of Native Americans (Indians)?

  • The Indians had far better knowledge of the fields and forests than the English did.
  • Because Native Americans had friends from countries who could help them if they were captured.
  • For all these reasons
  • Indians could slip away easily

3. Where had the first slaves sold to English settlers been kidnapped?

  • South America
  • Asia
  • The Carribean
  • They were already living in English colonies

4. What purpose did the Underground Railroad serve?

  • Provide transportation from the north to the south
  • Fast and easy way to travel
  • To help slaves escape and give them food and shelter.
  • To let Harriet Tubman get a job

5. Where were slaves mainly taken to work?

  • Ships and Boats
  • Plantations
  • Factories
  • Streets


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