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1. What is the defintion of an overseer?

  • a plantation supervisor who watched over and directed the work of others
  • a man who watched over his master's children
  • the master's wife who watched over the worker in the kitchen
  • someone who was a slave
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2. Where were slaves mainly taken to work?

  • Streets
  • Factories
  • Plantations
  • Ships and Boats

3. Which kind of people were commonly sold in the slave trade?

  • Africans
  • Indian
  • Americans
  • English

4. Where had the first slaves sold to English settlers been kidnapped?

  • The Carribean
  • Asia
  • They were already living in English colonies
  • South America

5. When did the slave trade end in Britain?

  • 1707
  • 1807
  • 1607
  • 1888


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