Causes of the Civil War

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  • Causes of the Civil War
    • Short Term
      • Election of Lincoln
        • War broke out in 1861, just a year after Lincoln came into office
        • Southerners were unhappy with the appointment of what they saw as an abolitionist president and seceded
      • Succession Crisis
        • The secession crisis was when some slaves state left the Union to form the Confederate states.
    • Long Term
      • Divided Opinions over the Issue of Slavery
        • Abolitionists believed all people should be equal and wanted slavery to be abolished
        • Free-Soilers mainly didn't want slavery to spread to the west. Their beliefs were a kind of middle ground between abolitionists and apologists
        • Apologists were in favour of slavery and believed that slavery was either a "positive good" or a "necessary evil"
      • Issue of Movement West and Difficulties Compromising
        • 1850 California Act
          • The Fugitive Slave Act required that all citizens had to help recapture free slaves and that black people could be seized if claimed by a slave owner
          • California was admitted as a state under the condition that the Fugitive Slave Act be enforced
          • Northerners and Southerners were both unsatisfied with the compromise. Southerners didn't like that California was a free state and The Fugitive Slave Act went directly against the beliefs of Northerners
        • 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act
          • The Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed both territories to vote on whether to be free or slave
          • Border Ruffians illegally took part in the vote in Kansas leading to it being slave though most legally there were abolitionists
          • Violence snowballed between the two sides because of the Ransacking of Lawrence and the Beating of Charles Sumner
      • Rise of the Republican Party
        • "Free soil, Free labour, Free men"
        • Founded in 1854 by 1860 they were in the white house
        • The first all Northern party


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