Battle of Bonnymuir 1820

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  • Battle of Bonnymuir (5th April 1820)
    • Events
      • Disturbances in Scotland such as industrial workers working in harsh conditions and struggling to live on low wages.
      • Lack of political power.
        • No way of bring about change.
          • French Revolution encouraged some brave men to believe that they could challenge Govt by taking up in arms.
      • Advanced to  Carron where they thought workers were sympathetic and ready to hand over weapons required.
      • Short, fierce, less equipped weavers holding their line behind a 5 Ft stone dyke, against guns and sabers of cavalry.
      • Weavers fought well, but had unequal struggle.
      • 20 men arrested on field, taken to Stirling for trial.
        • September - Hardie and Baird both guilty of treason and executed.
    • Names of protest movements
      • Barely a week later, 8th September, Andrew Hardie and John Baird, were hung and beheaded. 19 others, mostly weavers, were sentenced to transportation, and already on their way to colonies (mainly New South Wales in Australia); and that was the end of what became known as the Radical War, or the 1820 Rising.
    • Results
      • FAILURE!
      • Men struck an early blow against  opposition and signaled to those in power that working people would no longer accept a world in which they were excluded from political power.
      • The reforms that followed owed much to their inspiration and heroic sacrifice and should never be forgotten.


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