Hitler and Nazi Germany

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  • Hitler and Nazi Germany
    • Weaknesses of Weimar
      • Article 48
        • In an emergency, the President could take control of Germany
        • This could allow for a dictatorship
      • Proportional rep.
        • lots of coalitions were formed
        • no party could gain majority
        • encouraged lots of parties to be formed
    • Golden Age of Weimar
      • German cinema became one of the most notable in the world
      • Göttingen was the worlds most famous centre for physics
    • Nazi Rise to Power
      • Economic Problems
        • Hyperinflation
          • People with debt paid it off
          • People with savings lost everything
          • People whose wages didn't keep pace with inflation temporararly lost
      • Hitler becomes chancellor
        • He then enabled Article 48
          • He had absolute control
    • Nazi control of Germany
      • Nazi government controlled everything
      • Police used fear and punishment to enforce obedience
      • Personal freedom was restricted
      • Atmosphere of fear was created
        • People feared the Gestapo and the ** who ran the concentration camps
      • Jews were persecuted
        • Kristallnacht destroyed their synagogues
    • Beer Hall Putsch
      • Overthrow the Bavarian Govt
      • Hitler & the sa interrupted the meeting and threatened the crowd with violance
      • Hitler was put on trial and charged with treason


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