Sierra Leone LDC

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Where is Sierra Leone located?
West Africa
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GDP per capita
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Life expectancy
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literacy rate
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What proportion of women are illiterate?
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What % of secondary school reach higher education?
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What proportion of adults are in formal employment and what issue does this cause?
1/4 - lack of regular income for 3/4 of the population
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What domany children get into instead of going to school?
Gangs - high tensions after the civil war
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What percentage of working age population are subsistence farmers?
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What natural resources is Sierra Leone rich in?
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What is the down side of only have one industry?
They are completely dependant on it as a source of income
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How much debt is Sierra Leone in
owes $110million after having 90% cleared in 2006
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What major crisis recently tripled the country?
Ebola - massive depletion in working age population. Left many communities isolated and children orphaned.
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Since 2007, by what % had poverty in the country dropped by?
70% to 60%
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A UNDP Programme has given free health care to who?
Pregnant/breastfeeding mothers and children under 5.
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What is the Agenda for Change programme?
New Government in 2007 started up this to improve infrastructure, boost agricultural productivity, create a transport system and improve overall sustainability in Sierra Leone.
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What is the UNDP programme YEEP about?
Youth Empowerment and Employment Programme - promoting and creating policies that will crate better opportunities for young people
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How many youth run businesses has YEEP help set up?
over 200.
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The Uk is the biggest giver of bilateral aid into Sierra Leone - how much did it pledge during the Ebola crisis?
£80 million - as well as providing trained medial volunteers etc.
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