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  • Case Studies
    • Measuring Development
      • HDI
        • Advantages
          • Easily comparable to other countries
          • easy and cheap to collect data
          • reliable factors
          • Political competitiveness
        • Disadvantages
          • does not take into account war or political oppression
          • PPP value changes very quickly, inaccurate or misleading
          • Based on normative aconomies
          • Does not take into account poverty
    • LDC
      • Sub Saharan Africa
        • countries with lowest HDI ranking in the world
          • Mali, Sierra Leone and Niger
        • many hold backs from development including war, disease, famine, debt
        • need large amounts of FDI that will leave in worse situation than started
    • TNC- Global Shift
      • Barbie in Taiwan
        • American country first produced in Japan 1959
          • global shift of manufacturing, moved to Taiwan in 1960's to take advantage of cheap labour, and increased scale of production
    • TNC- Global Marketing
      • Coca-Cola
        • one formula old across the globe
    • BRIC Economies
      • Brazil
        • 2003 out of debt
        • Generates $1.5trillion GDP/year
        • reliable power with sustainable source such *** hydro power
        • FDI is 4th largest in world
        • Skilled workforce
        • BUT
          • destruction of rainforest
          • unequal socierty
          • 25% population live in favela
      • China
        • 3rd stage of NIC devlopment
        • communist control was relaxed
        • FDI was encouraged
        • 5 special economic zones
        • sustained 10%economic growth
        • BUT
          • destruction of environment
          • dramatic gap between rich and poor
          • Chongqing
            • heavy industry= pollution problems, 2000tonnesof waste a day
      • India
        • NIC Driven by services
        • Services sector accounts 50% GDP
        • attractive to companies because:
          • 2nd largest English speaking human resource in world
          • good infrastructure for transport and dta communication
          • investment and tax incentives
        • INFOSYS
          • TNC in Bangalore
            • Bangalore ICT centre dues to being first state to set up engineering collages// and to set up tech university. Grants and tax incentives for IT industry
          • Software company
            • 455 workforce in Bangalore


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